Dry rot can undermine the stability of timbers

Dry rot spores are present in every home, but remain harmless unless they come into contact with water such as from a leaking roof, damaged down pipes or gutters, or leaking pipes. 

When that happens, the spores germinate, creating a fluffly cotton wool-like fungus which can cause serious damage to timber structures. If left untreated, this can undermine the stability of floors and roofs in particular.

That’s why it’s important to seek a professional survey to identify the extent of any dry rot problem, allowing it to be treated.

Ryedale Remedials of Dumfries undertake spe­cial­ist surveys and reme­dial treat­ments includ­ing rein­state­ment works for prop­erty own­ers, land­lords, hous­ing asso­ci­a­tions, solic­i­tors and estate agents across southern Scotland and the north of England.

All our work is car­ried out to the highest standards and is cov­ered by a 30-year guarantee*.

*We use Sovereign damp-coursing products, the first company in the damp-proofing industry to gain BSI approval for its whole range of products which are covered by a 30-year Pro­tec­tion Scheme Guarantee.

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